Hi, janine (j9) here!

I am a Business Professional, Writer, Blogger & Reality Creator – Currently writing my first novel! Here to ‘think out loud’, to share experiences & to discuss ideas. Look forward to chatting!

There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living .

~Nelson Mandela
  • Yes!

    Go on. Do it. Take the leap. Be your authentic self. Be happy damn it. I dare you…! What exactly are you waiting for again ? Janine (J9) Nijs P.S. Can you hurry up? Could always do with some book content!


  • That old Witch, Self-Doubt!

    I had a rather large bought of self-doubt last week. It started as a ‘should i be writing, no-one reads it anyway’ question that quickly spiraled into anxiety about my personal worth, career path and overall future. Jeez, I know right! Self-doubt, can be a debilitating companion. She has been a friend of mine since […]


  • Novel Excerpt | A Kick in the Head

    Charles headed up the path to his house and, after several failed attempts, finally managed to get his key into the front door lock. Steadying himself against the rough outside wall, he unlocked the door and flung it open. Having now let go of both the wall and the door handle he found himself unbalanced […]


  • Is it Time to Polish Your Lens?

    The ability to create a paper-based reality is great fun.  To ‘visit’ different times and places and imagine events in the body of someone else. But what about our day to day lives? Turns out, creating our own reality can be a bit like taking photos through a rather filthy lens! Everything we see, hear, […]