A New Chapter!

Its time to buckle down and write my first novel. I have a few failed book attempts under my belt so I’m going for the, “there is no try, only do” Yoda experience this time round. Funny how often that Star Wars quote leaves my lips! So, a clue to my age (50 going on 23) as well as a sort of mantra!

The first thing I ever wrote for an audience was in the financial sector. Picture a fresh faced 19-year-old, very (very) junior business analyst, working for a large corporate institution; brimming with the enthusiasm of youth and eager to make her mark on the world. The document was a business requirement that explained a small change to a system. It took me several versions to get it right, but I immediately loved the process. Understanding the problem and layering information so that a reader could easily understand what the system did, what the problem was, who was involved, precisely how to fix it and why.

Later, I added poetry, blogging and the first failed book attempt to my writing repertoire. This time loving the additional colour of characters, timeline, and the full spectrum of emotion. Whilst I had a blog site dedicated to this outlet, afraid of criticism, I kept most of my writing to myself and didn’t do very much to reach out to the community for support and guidance.

I’ve kept writing since, but what has changed? Honestly, I’m still afraid of criticism (who Isn’t?); but now I find myself more afraid of regret. I do not wish to live a life created in fear.

I look forward, not only to the journey of writing my novel, but to our shared discussions, mistakes, triumphs, and experiences. A shared connection, deep in the marrow of life, where it matters.

Janine (J9) Nijs

4 responses to “A New Chapter!”

  1. It’s going to be quite literally a new chapter for you then! You can do this. Am rooting for you to finish your book, and I’m looking forward to you sharing your experience.


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