Always Leave Time for Magic!

“Always leave time for magic!”

I love this! Its enticing and open ended. Adventurous and spontaneous. Too often forgotten when we are under pressure or feeling shackled by the daily grind.


What great advice. Puts a smile slap bang onto your face just thinking about it. That feeling of possibility. That truly anything can happen.

But let’s not forget that magic is not always big and bold. Often it is found living in the small, big things. The moments when you know you are loved, when you know you are special. The moments when everything just feels right and connected, when our eyes are opened to just how wonderous this world really is. The moments we stop holding on and just let go, trusting the moment will catch us.


It’s there every day. I feel it when I look into Larry’s eyes and feel his beautiful smile and his huge heart. When I lose the fear and just trust that he loves me. It’s in the spontaneous hug from my boys, in the random call from a friend. A kind word. A spontaneous laugh. Moments lost in music. The list goes on.


Yes please. I will have me some of that!

Janine (J9) Nijs

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